Dr. Curious

About Dr. Curious

As I approach my fortieth birthday, I wonder what I will do for the rest of my life. It’s not exactly a mid-life crisis. I married a wonderful woman, who birthed one spirited child and is incubating another. I have a dog who breathes on me until I wake because she loves breakfast so much. I am a doctor and I like my job (a bit of a rarity for doctors these days). I generally have fun. I consider myself happy. I am also lucky. I am not particularly worried about financial security, personal safety, or any other existential threat that might keep others up at night. I had the fortune of being born in a developed country to a non-poverty-stricken family who didn’t abuse me; that may sound pretty normal, but most people entering this world can’t check all three of those boxes. Check out more at my website (link below)