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As I approach my fortieth birthday, I wonder what I will do for the rest of my life. It’s not exactly a mid-life crisis. I married a wonderful woman, who birthed one spirited child and is incubating another. I have a dog who breathes on me until I wake because she loves breakfast so much. I am a doctor and I like my job (a bit of a rarity for doctors these days). I generally have fun. I consider myself happy. I am also lucky. I am not particularly worried about financial security, personal safety, or any other existential threat that might keep others up at night. I had the fortune of being born in a developed country to a non-poverty-stricken family who didn’t abuse me; that may sound pretty normal, but most people entering this world can’t check all three of those boxes. Check out more at my website (link below)

Yes, I’ll Wrestle with You

I don't have many memories from my life as a young child: a few images or feelings that, given the malleability of memory, may or may not represent reality. With this letter (and perhaps others in the future), I hope to provide my son with a window into his life and our relationship during his early childhood years.

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