5 Tips For Planning A Family Ski Holiday

Thinking of taking the family on a ski trip? We may be nearing the end of ski season now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still start preparing for next winter. Here are some tips for booking a ski holiday that’s both affordable and enjoyable for all.

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Take advantage of early bird/last minute discounts

The best two times to book a ski holiday are a year ahead or a couple weeks before. In both cases you can get great family offers. Many airlines will give out free child seats to early-bird bookers, whilst hotels will be able to give you a greater choice of rooms. You can also pay in smaller instalments when booking a holiday a year ahead. As for last minute deals, these can often include huge discounts as well as the opportunity of an upgrade if a hotel or chalet have a luxury suite going free. Booking last minute also gives you a good idea of what the snow will be like.

Look for family friendly accommodation

Not all ski accommodation is family friendly, so make sure to look into this. Catered chalets are often family friendly and are a great option for those on a budget. These chalets come with wi-fi and cooked meals and all other kinds of amenities. Sites like Family Ski are great for finding suitable accommodation.

Organise lessons, ski passes & equipment hire before you go

You can often save money by booking lessons, ski passes and equipment before you get to your destination. Not only that, you’ll save time – there’s often a huge queue on the first day to book all this and with tickets already booked you’ll save this time spent waiting. You’ll likely to be able to find all this booking information at the resort’s website.

Stay connected with useful gadgets

You and the kids may be separated all day if you’re both in different ski classes or doing your own thing. It’s worth making using of technology so that you’re always connected. Radios from companies such as BK Radio could allow you to communicate on the mountain. You can also use apps such as Family Locator to find out where everyone is. This could allow you to make sure everyone is safe.

Don’t shell out on expensive kids’ ski clothes

When buying ski clothes for growing kids, you may want to refrain from buying something expensive and designer. If you’re only going skiing for one week a year, it’s likely your kids will grow out of these clothes by the next time you go on holiday and then it will have been a waste of a purchase. Sites like Sports Direct have lots of affordable kids ski clothing to choose from. You can also save money by buying out of season in summer and by making use of coupon sites.

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Julian Caldwell

Julian Caldwell

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