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1903, 2019

Week 1: Building Connection. Nothing is more important to your family.

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Executive Summary:  Why is Creating a Connection Your Most Important Role as a parent? There is nothing more vital for you to do as a parent than establish your family as a safe place for your kids. Studies show: Children who experience a lack of emotional support, no connection, no supervision, and no discipline are at the highest risk of experiencing at least one encounter with a police officer because of a crime. Children who have parents [...]

2003, 2019

Week 2: Why is great communication key for your kid’s growth?

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Executive Summary: Why is great communication key for your kid's growth? Very few things are more important than open communication in any relationship. That's doubly important in the family! If you are a busy family, which most families are, the importance you need to place on establishing good solid methods of communication is extremely important. Parents who don't create a family that prioritizes communicate run the risk of creating families where kids don't feel a sense of [...]

2003, 2019

Week 3: If you give your kid a cell phone, kiss your family goodbye.

By |March 20th, 2019|52 Traits, Be Mindful, Top5|1 Comment

Executive Summary: kids and a cell phone... bad idea. I get it. “We can’t organize all of our activities without a phone.” “My kid is different; they only use it for calling me.” “If my kid doesn’t have a phone, they will be picked on.” “Smart Phones are not as bad as everyone says.” “In an emergency, my kid can get help immediately.” All of these statements are decent arguments for a cell phone for a child [...]

2003, 2019

Week 4: Teach them to the importance of humor

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Executive Summary:  Teach them to the importance of humor A good sense of humor isn’t limited to adults alone, it transcends to little children also. It is important that they know how to have fun while at home, school or in the neighborhood. Laughing and having fun is a great way medium whereby kids connect with those around them. It is important in the sense that it enables them to be smarter, healthier and being able to [...]

2103, 2019

Week 5: Risk Taking and why it is important for your kids!

By |March 21st, 2019|52 Traits, Be Passionate, Top5|3 Comments

Executive Summary:  Risk Taking and why it is important for your kids! According to research, "Risk is an essential component of a balanced childhood. Exposure to healthy risk, particularly physical, enables children to experience fear, and learn the strengths and limitations of their own body." (1) With that being the case, why has the distance our kids roaming decreased by 90% in the past 30 years? (2) If you are successful, I argue you only became successful because [...]

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403, 2017

There Are Many Reasons Why People Bully, Some Might Surprise You!

There appear to me to be a lot of mythos surrounding the question as to why people bully. I was bullied for around eight years — probably longer. Since then I have worked with or alongside young people for fourteen years, and I have worked with children for a lot longer than that. I remember one time when I had an interview for a youth work post with someone who was aware of my history of being bullied. They asked me in a very matter-of-fact way “So, how will you stop yourself from bullying our young people?” I was quite frankly gobsmacked and astounded, but I answered her question quite clearly “Some people who are bullied do end up bullying, but that is not a hard-and-fast rule.