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Are you a busy parent?

GetConnectDad.com is designed to help you get more done and be a more connected parent, all while not losing your mind. Our parenting challenge is constantly being tuned based upon research and new experiences shared by the community of parents just like you.

In the busy life of a parent, how do you do it all? We all want to be successful, but we also want successful kids. The question is, can we have both? We believe there are constructive ways to engage with your kids in short, organic ways to create lasting impact. We are committed to helping you do parenting better.

Anyone who asks me about parent resources I send them to your Twitter and site. I LOVE What you are doing. Keep it up! It’s amazing Mat (aka Mindsetofgreatdad)"

Never Too Late! Repairing The Bond With Your Father Later In Life

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Communication is one of those lifelong problems that we [...]