GetConnectDad – 52 Traits We Want In Our Kids

52 Traits We Want In Our Kids

A team of parents from around the world is developing content focusing on 52 traits we want in our children. Throughout this journey, we hope other parents find some useful hints, some suggested activities, and some new ideas to engage deeper with their children. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit us. We would love for you to join one of our growing communities!

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The Hall Of Fame That Matters

I picked up my alumni magazine. For not the first time, I found myself feeling down. Feeling like I’ve accomplished nothing. Jealous. Lists of Hall of Fame alumni. Successful people. Heads of companies. Authors. Show creator. Men in suits with brilliant smiles that look like they never stopped working out.

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Food Memories. The Power of Smell and Simpler Times

My daughter is 3 years old and we talk a lot. I started talking to her the day I knew I was pregnant and have gone on non stop. I have talked to her about my work , the people I meet, my hobbies, my husband and his interests, and sometimes even talk about what I read in the newspaper! When she was young, I think what really mattered to her was the sound of my voice. She used to try to make sounds too and we sure laughed together!

Human Tough

I love it when she visits, seeing her unlimited patience as she works with Lorenzo on homework or prepares Alonzo his 17th snack. Her strength amazes me and her kindness humbles me. You would think life would have made her tired and bitter, but she is anything but that. You would think me and my brother’s misadventures would have worn her out and made her a grouchy old lady, but they didn’t. You would think trailblazing for women in a male, chauvinistic, misogynistic publishing industry would have made her rude, but it didn’t. In a world that has thrown everything, including the kitchen sink, at my mom, she has been the definition of tough and taught me how to stand my ground and keep my heading. Now I try to teach that toughness to my boys.

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What Do You Say?

Each time I take my two children out grocery shopping or errand running, I’m very mindful about their manners and social interaction. My wife has the same priorities, and our kids are generally well-behaved, especially in public. They are actually starting to get a bit of a reputation, I learned recently. A few months ago, I was out shopping with both kids at a local “big box store”. We stopped to pick up a sample from one of the tables at the end of an aisle. “Oh, you must be the father!” the sample lady suddenly exclaimed. “Why yes. Yes, I am,” I stumbled, unsure of her meaning.

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Why Fostering A Child Could Help Your Own Children To Understand Empathy

Many people are cautious about fostering children when their own children are still at home, which is why fostering is so popular with empty nesters. However, not many people know about the positive impact fostering a child can have on your family. Choosing to become foster carers is a decision that should involve your entire family, as it will impact everyone in some way – even if your children don’t live at home anymore. For young people growing up and learning to make sense of the world and how we should treat others, being a foster sibling is a positive way to teach some essential life skills.

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Ever Tried Cow Foot Soup?

Have you ventured outside your comfort zone lately? Perhaps it is time, try it for your children. They’ll love it. In our never-ending quest to be adventurous and unique at our dinner table, my wife and I are always looking for new and interesting vegetables, cuts of meat, and cooking techniques. We admit…we are foodies, but more on that topic later. One of our techniques at the grocery store is to “walk the outermost aisles only”. This encourages you to stay in the produce, meat, and dairy sections while avoiding the sections containing processed or packaged foods. We are especially keen to this technique because our diet is primarily made up of vegetables, eggs, fish, nuts, and some fruit. Occasionally, when we have a few extra menu items we need to plan but lack the inspiration, we visit the meat department. Then it is time to “close our eyes and pick something”.

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“You are being awful calm about all of this” – The Adventure Begins

It was 8:00 a.m. and I finally located my car and looking at it, I wanted to cry, and as tears welled up in my eyes, my son looked at me and hugged my leg. He said, “Mommy is my toys in there?” I said, “Yes, honey they are, all of our things is in there.” The car was full of my son’s toys, clothes, and all of our personal belongings. The big toys were on top of the car. I put my son in the passenger seat and we drove it over to our little travel trailer and started to unload some of his toys to play with. At this point, my soon to be ex-husband arrived with his girlfriend in tow.

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