Key Takeaways

  • We are responsible for making healing our nations
  • What do you want to leave your kids?
  • Being compassionate means caring for not only each other, but the world we live in.
  • If we are more compassionate, “There will be great positive vibes, more happiness and less hate going around.”

One of the best traits to teach a young kid growing up is showing them how to be compassionate and be kind to others.

In a world where there is so much going on, the pain, hate, etc. we need to set an example with our children and bring that kindness and compassion back. As a father, I want to teach Jeremiah the true meaning of compassion.

It begins not with me explaining it to him but showing it to him by my actions. Showing or being compassionate simply means feeling motivated to help others when they are in need or going through some of life’s struggles.

Being compassionate doesn’t also have to be towards humans. It can be towards animals, our home, or even our planet. As a lesson for my son on how to be more compassionate, I want to teach him how to help others; especially other children his age.  For Jeremiah I teach him how to keep and maintain friends and how to understand the feelings of those around him. I hope this teaches him to develop great connections towards others in a positive way as he grows up.

Teaching my son to be compassionate also means to motivate another person. If I were to see one of my friends down or going thru something terrible, I want my son to see me be there for that person and motivate them and guide them in a positive way.  A simple word of encouragement towards someone can be a tremendous uplift for someone when they really need it. When Jeremiah is with his friends, I want my actions and teachings to rub off onto him. It is my goal that he rubs off on others.

If another kid has lost something, like his favorite toy, I want Jeremiah to be able to help and motivate that child in a great way by just showing compassion towards the kid’s lost. Teaching compassion to children involves helping them notice emotions or feelings another person or kid is having. I have to teach my son, about happiness, anger, fear, or sadness. He should be able to recognize those feelings and show compassion towards that person when needed.

Teaching my son about being compassionate not only makes people and the world better, but also improves my son’s self-esteem. In return it will make him happy inside that he made a great difference for someone as he has seen me to do by watching me and setting that example.

Also, we as parents need to teach our children about being compassionate to our home. Earth! We live here and sometimes our world is warning us. We as people and children need to show compassion. We can do simple things like clean up and pick up our trash. We have to take care of our home and make it a better place. At the end of the day our duty as parents and people all over can make a great difference in how we live and in our world by just showing compassion towards others and our home.

There will be great positive vibes, more happiness and less hate going around. It all begins with us at home with our children teaching them this great lesson they can carry with them as they grow up and they can pass it on to their kids.

Being compassionate every day will definitely make a great difference in how we live and how our children grow up.

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