Curiosity may have killed the cat but in our home, it spurs communication, intellect, and imagination. In this day and age of hand-helds and social media a 3-year old’s Curiosity is both a refreshing break and reminder of what is truly important. Making personal connections and sharing with one another is important. I believe this simple interaction, which has been around for thousands of years, is dying a quick death! This is where our daughter, Ella Marie, comes to the rescue! Put down your phone and listen to your child! There is much to be heard and learned!

Papa – what is this? Dada – how come this? Papi – who is that? Being a “Proud Papa” of a 3-year-old I consider this to be CURIOSITY! “I don’t know” and “Because” are not answers in our home! We embrace this wonderment and thirst for knowledge. My wife and I take the time to give Ella our undivided attention. We answer her with depth, clarity, and energy! Her sincere response says it all, “Thank you, Papa!” She seems to thrive on the interaction precipitated by her CURIOUS nature. Her ability to reason and converse is developing rapidly. This is evidenced by the feedback from her daycare providers. “Ella really comprehends in-depth conversations huh?” Ah – yes she does!

I hope this doesn’t sound like she is growing up too fast. At the core, she is still a silly little girl that loves to have fun. This practice of sharing, talking and communicating has inspired her to be more CURIOUS. We see her willingness to ask any question. The CURIOSITY is growing and it is creating her personality. I believe if you are short with your child or brush them off due to the busyness of the day they learn to avoid the questions, they learn to avoid CURIOSITY. For Ella, it is the opposite. Her questions become better articulated and involve more thought and imagination.

In my opinion, it helps to add playfulness and silliness into the equation as well. I have tried to bestow upon her the humor of her Grandpa Jack (my father). We make sure to remember that she is a child, and a child should be young and silly! CURIOSITY has taken on many forms in our house and it is a blessing! If one were to meet Ella they would see a well-adjusted young child. One who is more apt to strike up a conversation with a peer or an adult rather than play a game on a hand-held device!

Stop, listen, think and engage! Your child will love you for it. As a parent – the reward is an everlasting bond and connection with your child! Encourage the CURIOSITY by simply being attentive to the questions!


About the Author:

“Proud Papa” – I am a 46 year old father of a 3 ½ year old daughter. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY. Our family started in Jupiter, Florida where Ella was born. I met my beautiful wife Jennifer swimming in the ocean blue off Jupiter Beach. As chance would have it – she also happened to be from Buffalo, NY. What were the chances? I believe I asked her to marry me at that very moment! I had a great childhood and my parents were very hands on! I married late in life and became a father late in life. All of this was part of the plan and lead me straight to Ella! After Ella’s first birthday we decided to move home to Buffalo and raise her with family and friends. I love being a Father and I love mentoring our daughter, Ella!

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