“I love you, Ella!” “I love you dada!” The nature vs nurture question has merit on both sides of the discussion. Common sense should tell us that positive reinforcement and love will lead to Confidence in a child. It is my belief that expressing a sincere form of love has helped to shape Ella’s Confidence. The comfort of unconditional love shapes her development in a positive manner. Adjectives used to describe Ella vary from “spunky” to “spirited!” She possesses a refreshing respect for elders and minds her manners…..for the most part!

It tends to follow that parenting skills are passed down from generation to generation. When I reflect I see that I parent similarly to the way my parents did. I was the youngest and yes…….I guess I was spoiled! I was shown healthy love and affection. This must have led to my own Confidence. With this grew a secureness to “confide” in my parents. I was able to approach them about any topic without prejudice of subject matter. If I was honest with them they would love and support me. When I think back I realize this Confidence to communicate with my parents must have manifested from the bond of love and security. Why not simply bestow this bond to my offspring? My hope is that Ella grows and learns that mom and dad are always there to love and support her no matter the situation.

The meaning of Confidence to a father of a four-year-old has a different meaning than that of a sixteen-year-old. For my wife and me we see Confidence in the way Ella displays love and affection. Hugs for grandma, grandpa and cousins are energetically distributed. She has an eagerness to figure things out on her own. Social situations with peers, adults or elders seem to be a thriving atmosphere for her. The Confidence to co-mingle and communicate with different people at such a young age is rewarding for my wife and me.

Confidence to me means she can grow up reaching for the stars to accomplish anything! @kresser Click To Tweet

People who know me would say I am very similar to my father, Jack, RIP! I’m hoping “the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree” when it comes to Ella’s upbringing. Confidence to me means she can grow up reaching for the stars to accomplish anything! To help her gain this Confidence my wife and I are going to “love on her” as we like to say. If she should happen to fall short – mom and dad will be there to catch her, hug her and dust her off!

“Proud Papa” – I am a 46-year-old father of a 3 ½-year-old daughter. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY. Our family started in Jupiter, Florida where Ella was born. I met my beautiful wife Jennifer swimming in the ocean blue off Jupiter Beach. As chance would have it – she also happened to be from Buffalo, NY. What were the chances? I believe I asked her to marry me at that very moment! I had a great childhood and my parents were very hands on! I married late in life and became a father late in life. All of this was part of the plan and lead me straight to Ella! After Ella’s first birthday we decided to move home to Buffalo and raise her with family and friends. I love being a Father and I love mentoring our daughter, Ella!  You can connect with Peter on Twitter!

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