Executive Summary:  Teach them to the importance of humor

A good sense of humor isn’t limited to adults alone, it transcends to little children also. It is important that they know how to have fun while at home, school or in the neighborhood.

Laughing and having fun is a great way medium whereby kids connect with those around them. It is important in the sense that it enables them to be smarter, healthier and being able to see the positive side in the face of deep challenges.

Having kids who aren’t socially active or fun at all makes them withdraw into themselves, become moody and easily depressed. Here is why there’s the need for parents to groom up their kids right from a tender age in having a sense of humor, laughing and having fun just like other kids their age do.

Why is humor important?

• A child with a sense of humor brightens the family life.

• It enables children to enjoy and take a part in the playful aspects of life.

• Their ability to have fun gives them a sort of relief from the seriousness out there.

• Children who have a huge sense of humor don’t have issues with getting accepted by their peers and they have more wits to handle teasing and bullying.

• It enables them to be more happy, optimistic and with a higher level of self-esteem.

• It goes a long way in promoting their health, reducing the risk for certain disorders like depression, stress, high blood pressure, etc.

How do you talk about the humor with your kids?

2-5-year-olds. Encourage them by acting silly yourself.

Why being so serious if you want your kids to have a great time of fun? The way to go is showing your rich sense of humor and making silly jokes they can relate to in order to crack them up and open to making their own jokes!

5-10-year-olds. Invent silly stories.

Kids in this age grade are now verbal enough and the nonsense silly jokes you make up for them will enable them to experiment with various sounds of words and also share those jokes with their friends.


There are quite a number of things you can do to make your preteen or teenager open to having fun and laughing. You can try watching funny videos with them, find funny photos of loved one doing silly things, and try to make out time to share jokes, play games and do fun things together.

Conversation starters for the car to school, the store, home, etc.

• When your 5-year-old boy complains of an itch somewhere on his stomach, treat him all good then make him feel less grumpy by saying “come here, let a tickle heal the itch!” and then you can run around playing a game of “catch me if you can”.

• “Look! The cat is smiling at you!” that should get your kids in a giggling fit.

Activities you can do with your kids this week for each age range above.

• Invent silly stories and share with your kids.

• Locate pictures of family members doing silly, humorous things.

• Tell hilarious jokes and riddles to create the perfect tone for fun and laughter.

• Create the perfect humor-rich environment for your kids. Provide joke and comic books, funny TV shows, movies, etc. But ensure you choose the ones that are suitable for their age.

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