Children these days, around the age of five or six years old, face plenty of choices in their young lives. Choices like picking out a toy at the store or choosing what food to eat for dinner. They don’t think long on what they want, taking no time to make simple decisions. Because their parents are performing the vast majority of choices for them, we need to sit back a bit and allow our kids to be able to make more decisions on their own.

As children start school, the world around them expands. They are faced with exponentially more opportunities to make decisions. With Jeremiah, I have almost always made decisions and choices for him. I am coming to realize that by letting him make some of his decisions now, I am teaching him how to be more decisive. I believe if I let him make his choices or any other child, it shows them how to be more responsible, builds confidence, and makes him more independent at his young age.

One example of my trying to improve Jeremiah’s independence is how I am planning Jeremiah’s birthday. We will both go to Publix, and I’ll let him go thru the fifty choices for the cake he might want for his birthday. By letting him make this decision, it helps him feel more confident and in control of his choices. There will be times I will allow him to make poor choices for a valuable life lesson.

Jeremiah likes bringing his allowance money with him to a park. I will let him carry a dollar to the park, and there are times he has lost that dollar while playing. Therefore, this is a lesson learned for Jeremiah. He learns that if he keeps his money at home, he won’t be sad losing it at the park while playing. It’s okay to let your child make a mistake for I believe mistakes are valuable lessons to learn for life. By teaching our kids to make the wise and smart decision, we go a long way towards creating successful kids. Our children are the future. They can be the next CEO of a big company, a city leader, or President of The United States.


To be successful, our kids have to be great at making decisions. It all starts at home while they are young by helping them get there. Remember, good decision-making it is critical to the success for our children. If we want them to become successful, happy, and influential in life, they have to know how to make great, decisive choices. We can’t allow society to do that for them.

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