Okay, we have arrived at the end of our first of 52 weeks.  This week’s topic was thankfulness, specifically, how can we more deeply instill thankfulness in our children.  As I sit here this morning, we are camped at Table Rock State Park and I have watched this week, little events unfold that remind me, we are on the right track.  Yesterday, while making a supply run to WalMart, my boys were approached by a retired Marine in a wheelchair who said my ‘men were good looking young men,’ to which I replied thank you, and then thanked him for his service.  My boys immediately said ‘Thank You for your service, sir,” although they didn’t probably know what that meant.  Regardless, two times in three days has that opportunity presented itself.    Yesterday, my boys both said thank you to a stranger who brought her puppy by our camping area to let her be petted.   All of these events, thankfully, happen quite often; however, I do love the fact that thanking people for help and feeling thankful in general is part of my boy’s DNA.

Taking time this week to highlight that trait has been important.

So, this week’s final activity.  Seeing as it is Friday, commit 30 minutes tonight with scissors, magic markers, and construction paper (if you have it) and make a thank you card with each of your kids.  Not only is the experience of making a card a great time with your kids, I want them to think of someone they will be sending their card to in the mail.  I know, “who sends cards anymore”; however, there is still something quite awesome about getting something nice in the mailbox.

This doesn’t have to be fancy.  Just a quick note of thanks to grandma, grandpa, a teacher, a pastor, a neighbor, a coach, anyone…  The process of writing something down and taking the time to recognize someone for something they have done is a great week to end your week and begin someone else’s week.

Here are some links to good ideas for cards:

Be funny, be creative, and be genuine.

Have a great weekend.


Religious Corner (for those so inclined…)

I stumbled upon this “printable link” a few months ago.  This ‘printable’ provides 15 scriptures focused on thankfulness that you can print out and use for your kids.  It provides a scripture and an area for your kids to write what this means to them.


“Dear God, thank you for this week and the chance to focus on one of your core desires for us; to be thankful.  Please help my family solidify a spirit of thankfulness in our hearts and be more mindful of the joys in our lives.  Please help my kids remember how blessed they are to have you in their lives.  Please help me be a better role model for them and show them more clearly what a life lived through you looks like.   I ask this in Jesus’s name,  Amen.”