Okay all of you ConnectDad’s following us on Twitter, Facebook and this blog, here is something simple to do and starts your week off right with your kids.  It sounds simple; however, many do not do this:   “Invest 15 minutes to ask your kids ‘What are you thankful for today?'”

Interestingly, many people simply don’t ask their kids what are they thankful for.  Looking back through my childhood, I don’t remember ever being asked what I was thankful for.  I do recall being told what I ‘should be thankful for,’ though.  That sounds harsh; however, I can still hear those words, “Son, you should be thankful for a roof over your head and food in your stomach.”


  1. Take our your iPhone or Android Device.  (I will wait.)
  2. Open up your calendar application. (It’s the one you use all of the time to put your important stuff on)
  3. Find 15 minutes TODAY that you are going to ask either each of your children or all of your children at the same time, “What are you thankful for?” (It is easy to do while driving, before a meal, during a meal, after a meal, before television is turned on, etc.  You get the idea :))
  4. Set a reminder on your calendar with an alarm
  5. Now, Listen.
  6. Make any mental notes about what makes your kid, ‘tick.’
  7. Enjoy this window into your kids perspective!

Dads, the important thing here is taking the time to ask the question.   Enjoy your day!




Prayer Suggestion (for those interested):

“Dear Lord, thank you for helping me encourage my family to be more thankful at all times.  Please help my family remember to notice the smaller things that tend to get overlooked on a daily basis and help us find ways we can reach out to others and be helpful and encouraging.  You are the grace of my life.  I ask you to show us ways we can pour out our love for you.  In the name of your son, Amen”