It’s not a drug substance nor a alcoholic drink addiction,
But it’s much more than a want, it’s a need infliction.
I can see it in his gaze when I enter and leave the room,
I guess it was inevitable that it happened not a moment to soon.
Some would call me a fiend giving into him whenever he wants more,
As i look down on him, he’s helpless lying there on the floor.
All he needs is a pick me up to help him get back on his feet,
I feel like a God so easily making him feel complete.
As he begs me for more I see can his tears flood out,
Some would say he needs rehabilitation but even I have my doubt.
His tears carry the weight of the world like a monkey on his back,
I guess I’ve got what he needs to keep his happiness intact.
But as I’ve said before this ain’t drugs nor an addiction that bad,
He sees past my rough exterior only seeing real love inside that he wants from his dad.

 About the Poet

Craig Titchener is a whiskey-loving mechanic/poet living in Garndiffaith, South Wales. He can often be found walking his dog in the beautiful Welsh countryside. He owns many watches and almost as many empty bottles of whiskey. Find him on Twitter@craigtitchener.  Craig has graciously accepted the role as GetConnectDAD’s Poet Laureate.

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