Every day, I realize how different you see things, how your imagination creates a whole new playground no matter where you are. How a book suddenly becomes a mountain for little toy men to climb, a towel becomes a river for a boat to sail on and a cardboard box becomes a garage for your cars.

Your dress sense or even style has no meaning or significance to you, whatever you feel comfy in you’re going to try to wear. If you want to wear mummy’s shoes with your pajamas, a crocodile raincoat and daddy’s deer hunter hat! Good luck to you on that kiddo.

Everyday, I realize how different you see things, how your imagination creates a whole new playground... Click To Tweet

You see things so differently, and yet you take everything in, constantly asking questions which I don’t always have answers for yet you seem to crave the answers until you’re quickly distracted by something else which was once meaningless and of no importance to me.

I smile when you can’t get to grips with how something works, opens or even understand what something is. Then slowly your frustration turns to joy as I’m allowed to explain and show you what to do.

You’re growing up too quick and I keep constantly finding myself wishing today wouldn’t become yesterday and hoping tomorrow wouldn’t become today.

What is GetConnectDAD?

@GetConnectDAD is an international project focused on One goal:  More ConnectDAD families.   We are 150 writers from around the world, focused on 52 Traits we want in our children.

The GetConnectDAD team would like to challenge every parent to:

  • Devote 1 Extra Hour of Time each week to your kids (uninterrupted)
  • Read 1 story or have 1 story read to you by your child this week 
  • Take 1 Walk outside with your partner and kids
  • Take 1 moment to say “I love you” to your kids
  • Hug your kid(s) 1 time this week
  • Engage Your Family In your Faith