I’ll be honest from the start; I don’t take much interest in politics and the news in general. I will take the occasional look especially when it’s a major election like the one just gone in the USA or the vote for Brexit.

I have found it quite inspirational that a woman was in the running and could have become the first female President. This recent election got me thinking and looking a bit around me. How incredible for all of our girls to see, including my girls. It gives them a sense of belief that they can do and be whatever they decide to be.

I do believe that she was the wrong woman to go for the role. Her name is tarred from her husband’s time in office, not because of what he did but because of the aftermath; from the ruination of a young woman’s life, this candidate used this to her advantage, her quest for power came first. Not to mention all the scandals that followed her during the campaign.

In my humble opinion, she stayed with this man to further her career.  It showed with the latest scandals she was involved in, whether she is guilty or not, had a detrimental effect on her campaign.

Instead, I looked back in history and decided to see what other female role models I could find for my girls. There are a few female leaders but looking closer to home I found that having female leaders in the UK is not something new at all. Since the Norman invasion, we have had six sovereign rulers and two female prime ministers. Fair enough that becoming the reigning monarch is a birthright, but we had our first queen in the sixteenth century, quickly followed by her sister.

Queen Elizabeth I is one of the best known and most talked about queens in the history of this country. In the nineteenth century, we had Queen Victoria who nearly conquered the world by either colonizing or having one of her seven children marry into the most powerful and influential royal families of Europe.

Now I move on to the Prime Ministers. Is there anyone young or old who hasn’t heard of Margaret Thatcher? The Iron Lady? Whether you like her or not, everyone knows her name. She was a powerhouse of a leader. The United Kingdon reelected her three times.

It's not perfect, and there are still a lot of prejudices, but it is getting better. Click To TweetWe now have our second female prime minister. You might not know this, but she wasn’t elected but voted in by the members of her party after the previous one resigned. Regardless, she will still go down in history. Will she be remembered fondly? That’s hard to tell. She is facing this Brexit aftermath and the subsequent negotiations. After Britain leaves Europe, what happens will be her legacy.


Don’t get me wrong; I’m not trying to put anyone’s country down. Because we have five girls, we try to find ways to empower our children by showing them that they can do anything a man can do. In many countries, the world is still unequal. I’m glad I can show my girls that we embrace female rulers and that we live somewhere that is being emulated and envied by the world.

It’s not perfect, and there are still a lot of prejudices, but it is getting better. My girls are growing up to believe and know that they can do anything they want and the generation they are growing up in, is the proof.

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