Growing up with just a mum, life wasn’t always easy, I learned not to want things, to ask for things because I knew my mum couldn’t afford it and why should she cry over material things, immaterial possessions.

I remember when I was about nine, in town and my mum saying she could only afford a black and white pair Gola trainers and as I walked to the till to pay holding these trainers that weren’t Nike in my grasp these older kids were laughing at me because of these cheap brand new trainers that my mum made herself broke to buy me. I stood there trying to hold the tears in my eyes trying to smile in front of my mum.

I know now the lesson I learned that day, always appreciate what you have, labels and designer names never say who we are, only what the world to see.

I hope my son grows to be who he wants to be not what others say he should.



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