Lockdown has got us all feeling uncertain, a little bit trapped and frankly bored. Add a family into the mix and you’ve got even more people that you need to keep entertained throughout this. Between working from home, homeschooling and keeping up with the latest news we are all on the hunt to find new ways to keep ourselves and the kids entertained.

Technology has been our friend for a long time when it comes to entertainment, and it’s a great thing to use to help curb the family boredom through the lockdown. From games and educational streaming right through to films and even online shopping. There are many ways technology can help. 

Let’s have a look at some the ways it could help you and your family: 

Educational Streaming 

Even though we’re not able to go and visit places such as nature parks, sea-life centers, and zoos. A lot of them are offering a free stream where you can still watch the animals and the natural environment. Ok, it’s not the same as actually visiting them but it’s nice that we are able to see the animals relaxing and getting on with everyday life without having crowds of people looking at them. 

Online Games 

Although we don’t want to encourage our kids to spend too much time online playing games, a little bit of time is ok every now and again. From virtual pinball games to puzzles and mind games there is a huge variety of options available. You could even pick and choose a few that you could compete against each other in healthy competition. 

Movie Night or Day 

Why not turn the living room into a mini cinema or den and watch a movie or two. If you’ve been out for your essential weekly shopping why not add a few cinema-style snacks into the mix like hotdogs and popcorn. There are loads of ideas on platforms such as Pinterest for different foods you could prepare, how you can transform your room into a cinema-style room or even a snug. 

Online Shopping 

Ok, so you might think, how can this be something that keeps the family entertained? However, you could use the internet to shop for things like a few new board games, puzzles or even garden activities now that the weather is warming up. Why not sit down as a family, go through and pick some activities that you would all like to try together? This will also help to cure boredom later on, as the activities you order will be something different to try once they arrive. 

Video Chat 

The way we are used to has certainly changed and it may be here for a while. This means we can’t just jump in the car to visit our family and friends. Yes, this is difficult but it may be even more difficult for your children to understand. A great way to get around this, well, help this is to make use of video chat. You could even complete things like pub-style quizzes on video with each other. 

These are just five of the different ways that technology can help to curb family boredom through lockdown, do you have any other ways that could help? Please share your ideas below. 

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