Isn’t inspiration the best way to ignite your child’s interest in learning? One of the best ways to get them involved in learning is to inspire them to question everything.

“Don’t just teach your kids to read, teach them to question what they read. Teach them to question everything.“-George Carlin

Unlike some people, I love to hear a child say why. It shows that their interests are sparking. Too many times, I hear an adult dousing that very fire – often to the point of drowning it out all together.

“Don’t ask me so many questions.”

“I don’t know why and don’t care.“

“Children should be seen and not heard.”

Just a few of the overly abusive things I have heard pointed at a young mind eager to learn. No wonder we have so many today that are unreachable by the time they are in their teens. It also leads to a lot of adults who make claims and get angry when someone corrects their misguided beliefs.

One of the most consistent behaviors I have witnessed in life is a parent who becomes enraged or jealous when their child begins to succeed where they could not. Often, the parents end up belittling their child to the point of the child doubts themselves. We all must be aware of and try to avoid this behavior for our children’s best interest.

I love seeing Dave’s eyes light up when he sees or realizes something for the first time.

One of the most beautiful gifts of parenthood is our ability to see the world through our kids’ eyes. They see a wonderland. How often do we forget and take some things for granted? Noticing wildlife, seeing a shooting star, and having fun with anything new, all seem different through the lens of a child. 
I have read and agree with a lot of teachers who say playing is one of the best ways to inspire a child. With us teaching Dave two native languages, I often include his toys and play time in my “vocabulary” lessons.

I have even found myself involved with something on-line and realized my little one was standing behind me. As soon as I drop down to the floor and start to play with him, he becomes overjoyed. As most boys do, he loves to wrestle and fight with dad.

When I am out walking with my boy, I take the time to teach him by pointing things out to him. I watch his eyes for signs of interest and then I use teachable moments to explain something about a plant, a tree, a rock, a frog; you name it. I have to constantly remind me that everything common to me is most likely new to him!

As for myself, I enjoy realizing how precious something is and I am glad my child was gracious enough to remind me of this. One might say, allowing your child to inspire you, is the best way to inspire them.


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