As parents, we would love to have quiet, peaceful time. As soon as we sit down to get some peace and quiet, Bam! Reality strikes. We hear screaming, yelling, crying, and the constant asking of questions. It’s at the point where we want to scream ourselves! At the same time, we have a wide-eyed, smiling child in our face, begging for attention and comfort. You ask yourself, what’s rest? What’s peace and quiet? That’s been thrown out the window. How we can deal with this? How can we survive? We must not forget our children need us, even if we are ‘wit’s end.’

Our kids have a mind full of questions wanting to be answered. It is imperative that we tend to their needs and give them that full attention. Simply put, they are our responsibility. Our lives, in many ways, are on hold for our kids.

Yes, we have the daily lives we live. Whether it’s school or work, our patience may be very thin. When we get home, we can’t yell and scream and react. We need to practice patience as parents.

What exactly is patience? Patience is simply being and remaining calm. We have to be patient at all times. Responding in a great positive way in front of our child is extremely effective as a parent. It is important for parents to give themselves a break. We have to relax, breathe in slow, and maybe sometimes, count to ten. When I get home from work, I have to remind myself that Jeremiah is growing up, he’s going to ask one hundred questions, he is going to be needy, and I have to be there for him. That’s my job, period. For me to be effective, I have to take some time to recharge. I know finding time may be hard when you have kid(s), but taking that “me” time is extremely important for us be more relaxed when we are with our kids. I try to get to the gym, take a nice walk or run on the beach, spend some time with my friends, or IF the stars align perfectly, take some time to myself and simply do nothing.

So, remember, when our kids push us for attention, how we respond to them, through patience and love, can help them grow up more balanced. To make that happen, we need to remember to just breathe, count to ten, and Be Patient.

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What is GetConnectDAD?

@GetConnectDAD is an international project focused on One goal:  More ConnectDAD families.   We are 150 writers from around the world, focused on 52 Traits we want in our children.

The GetConnectDAD team would like to challenge every parent to:

  • Devote 1 Extra Hour of Time each week to your kids (uninterrupted)
  • Read 1 story or have 1 story read to you by your child this week (assuming they aren’t 16)
  • Take 1 Walk outside with your partner and kids
  • Take 1 moment to say “I love you” to your kids
  • Hug your kid(s) 1 time this week