Why an Open Adoption Was Just What We Needed

I didn’t want an open adoption. We were no strangers to the adoption process having “survived” our first adoption and we were comfortable with the fact that our oldest boy Eli’s birth family would have nothing to do with how he was going to be raised. My head was filled with the stories of birth parents coming back for their child. I thought about the unrelenting chaos from the extended family, and the thought that our boy would have [...]

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The big scary monster in a red suit

So we enter the door with the sign saying grotto. Behind other parents holding hands of other infants thinking they're all on death row. And so we wait, and to me for what seems like an eternity, so to a child, bloody hell it must seem like an eternity plus an extra twenty minutes. Trying to waste time by stroking artificial, vibrating reindeer; powered from the socket on the wall by a lead, coming out of its arse and [...]

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Holiday Trip Ahead? Here are Some Accommodation Options

Holidays are wonderful: it’s that magical time when you finally get to be more focused on yourself, your friends and family. Holiday spirit is around us and we can finally take some time off work and spend it taking care of ourselves and our loved ones. Sometimes, this means packing a light bag or a suitcase and heading off somewhere new and exciting. For those of you who are thinking of spending your holidays on the road and exploring [...]

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It’s simple! Just #GetACTIVE and #GetOutside

As the colder temperatures roll in, it can be difficult to stay motivated and active, as a family. The days are getting shorting, the air is getting crisper, and that couch and your Roku player are seeming more and more like the best scenario. But as parents, we need to find ways to keep our minds and bodies, and those of our little ones, occupied that don’t only consist of what has just been released on Netflix this month. [...]

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What do you want life to look like?

Yesterday, my wife and I were talking outside the RV while our daughter napped. The topic of conversation was life. Specifically, "what do you want life to look like?" It's an awkward conversation to have without talking about money. In years past, we let finances make decisions for us. Although this is a topic we must discuss at some point, what we want from life goes beyond what we can afford. Life is about values, beliefs, and time. [mc4wp_form id="16061"] When we prioritize life [...]

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Stronger Than Ever. The Power Of Never Giving Up

“You can be tired after the game” I must have said it a million times already, to my boys and the kids I coach. We are just wrapping up the football season, and I hope if we have taught the kids anything is to work hard and be resilient. I remember the first full pads practice a few months back. The kids were so nervous that the air vibrated around them. A few were ready for contact, but most were [...]

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True Positivism

The most positive thing we can do in our children’s lives is, to be honest with them. As parents, we always want our kids to be happy, be positive and have a great outlook on life. As a coach, I can see a different side that I would never get to see as just a dad. Most kids dislike the fake positive façade they are often spoon fed and would rather hear the truth. So many times I have been coaching [...]

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Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

It was his first real holiday, only a few days away for the country and western festival in Brean. He was so excited about going on holiday even though he didn't know what a holiday was! We told him there would be cowboys there and when I got my outfits down from the attic he couldn't wait to put my cowboy hat on his little head and step into my obviously too big for him cowboy boots. Then the [...]

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The Unstoppable Force

I thought I was persistent, and then I had my youngest child Alonzo. Ever since he was a baby he was the most relentless and stubborn person I have ever met in my life. We claim that he finally slept through the night when he was four, but he is eight and still there are nights were we get woken up by a scream in the darkness from him, requiring to be covered, water or some other thing. I still [...]

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All of my most vivid memories are connected to adventure!  Camping for the first time, traveling across the country, my first field trip, you name it.  It is my duty as a father to get my children outside and get them active.  – Julian Caldwell Founder @GetConnectDAD