I remember the first time I saw him and held him in my arms I knew the meaning of life, my meaning of life, my purpose. I find myself loving and secretly hating watching him grow. Like every day he’s changing, amazes me and yet I’ve lost a yesterday I can never have back.

So here we are coming up to his third Christmas.  His first Christmas asking Santa for presents because on his words “Santa bringing Noah new presents because Noah’s been good boy.”  So far he’s only asked for three toys all off one of his favorite cartoons, Fireman Sam. That’s one of many perks of being a parent, watching cartoons becomes acceptable, even when my work colleagues are talking about the latest Fast and Furious trailer I’m thinking about naughty Norman getting superglue on his hands and then starting a fire with a magnifying glass!

In just over a week I break up from work for a fortnight, and for every morning of that fortnight I’ll wake up, go downstairs and watch cartoons with my son, yep for two weeks every day will feel like Christmas day to me.



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