You are an amazing father. You need to hear that more often, and hopefully, in ways big and small, I have been able to tell you and show you that over the years. Here, though, I get to write it down. And that gives me a chance to express in words how much you mean to our family.

There are extraordinary moments in life, and one of those moments is becoming a father. Never did I fully understand your joy, your love, your emotions, your fears until I, myself, became a father. The beauty of not only making a life but then stewarding that life through all its ups and downs is breathtaking. And you have done so with such grace. Such patience. Such purity of intention.

You are human. And you have not been afraid to show us that. You remind us to make mistakes. Learning requires mistakes. You have stood by my side through my share of mistakes in life, and you have ensured that I feel empowered and not defeated.

You are human. And you have not been afraid to show us that. @DrMack74 Click To Tweet

You are successful. I have tried to model my career after yours. Not in the same line of work, of course, but in my work ethic, my integrity, and my treatment of others. I have always admired the working Dad in you.

You volunteer and give so generously. Your spirit of charity is big – just big. It inspires me every day, and you need to know that you have touched so many lives even if you have never met most of the people that have been impacted by your service.

You are brave. You rise to challenges, and you have taught your grandchildren and me how to navigate the challenges of this world. Be not afraid. Be genuine. Be humble. Be brave. Those are the lessons I take from you and, hopefully, pass along to my children.

It is amazing. I am lucky to have had you as my Dad. I know that my fatherhood is better because of the presence and strength you have given to me.




Dear Dad

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