Key Takeaways

  • Why shouldn’t you share when you have an abundance?
  • Compassion is when you feel for someone.
  • How can I own a garden and have all it’s fruit when my people are going hungry?

Dear Kyra,

It’s fun imagining you reading these letters sometime in future and thinking why the hell couldn’t dad talk all these stuff to me instead of writing it.  Well, my dear, it is sometimes easy to write and explain and as you know your Dad is not good at talking.  Plus it would be little hard to snatch you away from all the action you will be involved in.

One of my favorite pastimes used to be listening stories from my Grandmother, but since your grandparents are far away from you, I take it upon me to tell you a story on their behalf.

Long time back there used to be King in India who had a very beautiful garden. He had all kinds of exotic fruits growing in his Garden.  One day a poor hungry farmer entered the garden by mistake.  His family had not eaten anything for past two days.  When he saw those delicious fruits, he thought maybe he could take few fruits to feed his family.  Farmer hurled a stone at one of the trees, but the stone by mistake fell on King , who was resting nearby.

King was very angry, his security guards immediately arrested the farmer.  Everyone in court thought it was the end of the farmer.  For he not only tried stealing from the Garden but had also injured the King.  Finally, when King announced his sentence everyone in court was left speechless.  King pardoned the farmer and gifted him with enough ration for a year.

When asked by his council members the reason for letting the farmer go free.  King said “When a tree on being stone showers the thrower with fruits , then why can’t a king like me do the same.  How can I own a garden and have all it’s fruit when my people are going hungry”.  On hearing, King’s word everyone praised his compassion and love for the people.

This is a small story which tries to signify the importance of compassion, love, and kindness.  My intention of telling this small but beautiful tale was to tell you what compassion can do to a numb being. King could have sentenced the farmer, but decided to show compassion and pardon him proving himself to be more human.

I hear you asking me what is compassion ?

Well, Kid compassion is when you feel for someone.  When you see someone in trouble or misery and you want to do something for them that feeling is called compassion and what you do for them is the kindness.In simple words

COMPASSION IS SOMETHING WE FEEL #becompassionate #fatherhood Click To Tweet and “KINDNESS IS SOMETHING WE DO”.

When you feel compassionate and you do something for people , you will feel happy and you will feel lighter . Remember a lighter heart would make you happy,remove all tension and stress from your life, in other words, your heart will be healthy i.e you will be healthy.In other words to live a healthy and long life you have to be compassionate.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion - Dalai Lama #becompassionate #bekind #fatherhood Click To Tweet



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