3 AM – The silence of the night broken

The silence of the night broken,
by my son’s cries.
I’m still half asleep,
yet wide awake,
hoping this moment is a dreamt nightmare.

In my bare essentials I run to his room,
where he sits,
surrounded by his vomit.
“Noah noo sick”
He says as I strip him off,
Lifting him up,
within my shaking hands.

His vomit is everywhere,
even on me,
and as I hold him close,
His […]


He stands there in front of me,

Wearing his dimpled smile.

Filled with happiness,

And a beautiful innocence.

Little does he realize,

He’s taught me patience,

And constantly reminds that time doesn’t matter.

The love for him I can’t explain.

This compassion I feel,

And wanting only to see him happy.

Everyday a little bit more he changes,

Within the lessons he learns.

I helped create him,

Watched him […]

Our Selves

We were created,

not without form or void,

but fearfully and wonderfully made.

When two of our worlds cross paths—

be they church or work,

work or home—

the inhabitants of each should recognize us

as being the person they know.

Be the genuine article that comes

with a certificate of authenticity.

Counterfeiters will be returned.

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