Watch Your Mouth! Be Respectful. 5 Lessons That Last a Lifetime

I was always taught to be respectful to others. Almost like a drill sergeant growing up with my mother, she’d instill in me basic manners and etiquette.

Here are the top five things she taught me that I would never forget:

  1. Say please and thank you for everything and anything.  I still worry about this today […]

How to keep your shoes in the house. A Simple Lesson on Respect

I remember my mom grabbing my $100 pair of tennis shoes I had bought with my money, opening the front door and slinging them out onto the front lawn and sidewalk. I thought mom was bluffing until the moment when the shoes left her hand and slowly twirled in the air. She turned and closed the […]

Dear Dad

On this Father’s Day, I want you to know one thing…I forgive you.

It’s been many years since we’ve spoken.

And it may be many years more before we speak again.

You don’t know me.

And I don’t know you.

We probably never did.

So, on this Father’s Day, I want you to know me.

I’m a lucky father of three beautiful children.

It’s […]

Dear Dad

I wish you were still here to see all the things I am doing. I started playing guitar after you died. You would love what I am doing with my children’s music. I remember when you gave Kim the guitar. You never knew I would be the one who would learn to play. I’m working on my fourth CD for children now. You would be so proud. I miss you so much and I miss your love and support. I asked you on your deathbed what you were thinking about and you said, “my family.” I know that you didn’t always get what it meant to be an involved father and you did a lot of things wrong, but I heard you as you knew and regretted those mistakes. You loved us all very much and I know if you could come back you would do so many things differently.

Dear Dad

Dear Dad, Thank you for everything that you provided for our family as I was growing up. As an adult I sometimes think back and remember how comfortable I was growing up, and I don’t recall ever really wanting for much. However, I also recall that as I grew older, you didn’t interact and spend much time with your children. Over the last several years I have tried to figure out how that happened. How could you be such a good provider and create a comfortable home life, but not be a part of other family life activities? As I mulled it over the last 2 or 3 days, I think I finally figured it out.