Nothing about the first few months felt natural, parenting didn’t feel natural.

We’ve all been there. I know this because we’re here now.

You have a child. You actually saw it happen. Well, some of it anyways.

Stepping into the nursery with the doctor, a detached numbness hovers, and you have a hard time deciding what’s actually going on. Whatever you feel at this moment, it’s primal yet mundane, maybe […]

Becoming More Resilient With Your Finances

How resilient were you during your last financial setback?

Was it a catastrophe that you are still bouncing back from?

Did you learn anything that you will be putting into place to be better prepared for next time?

I think it’s not a matter of if we are resilient, I think everyone has some degree of resilience built into […]

Be Strong My Son: One Father’s Take On His Role As Teacher

In life, we face adversity and stressful situations. It is imperative that we as adults stand strong during these times. How do we teach our kids to be resilient? First of all, as adults, we must show resilience and also show a positive attitude when our children are present. I firmly believe we must be a model for our children in all traits.

I Was Forced To Eat 60 Plums. 3 Ways To Teach Resilience To Your Kids.

This morning, Laurie (my wife) and I were sitting at the table with our boys (ages 5 & 3) like we normally do. Ervin, the youngest was talking over Eli, the oldest, while he was trying to talk with Mom. Eli turned to Ervin and said, “Stop, you are making me sad.” Laurie and I were […]

We are quick to say, figure it out. Running to the rescue does nothing for our kids.

When I was a young boy, my parents sheltered me from bad things.  They didn’t expose me to much uncertainty or discomfort.  Mom and Dad focused on my siblings and me doing well in school.  I didn’t have chores, and I didn’t have much stress, except being bullied at school.  I never had a job until my last […]

Be Resilient. The Challenges of Raising an International Child

Raising any child has its challenges. Some of them turn out to be blessings for the parents, and others can be heartbreaking.

We are raising a child on the opposite side of the world from my family. In our home, I speak English to him, and his mother speaks Russian. Lenka is from the Eastern Side of […]

3 AM – The silence of the night broken

The silence of the night broken,
by my son’s cries.
I’m still half asleep,
yet wide awake,
hoping this moment is a dreamt nightmare.

In my bare essentials I run to his room,
where he sits,
surrounded by his vomit.
“Noah noo sick”
He says as I strip him off,
Lifting him up,
within my shaking hands.

His vomit is everywhere,
even on me,
and as I hold him close,
His […]