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The power of slowing down and focusing

What is this thing called “Geocaching”? – R We There Yet Mom?

Geocaching (“jee-o-cash-ing”) is a fun, family sport that we have enjoyed for a few years now.  My parents introduced us to it a few years ago and we instantly became hooked! If you like breaking codes, deciphering clues, and looking for buried treasure, this sport is for you! But what is Geocaching?

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Take 30 Minutes Today and Make Someone’s Week

Okay, we have arrived at the end of our first of 52 weeks.  This week’s topic was thankfulness, specifically, how can we more deeply instill thankfulness in our children.  As I sit here this morning, we are camped at Table Rock State Park and I have watched this week, little events unfold that remind me, we are […]

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