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The power of slowing down and focusing

The Role of The Partner: Postpartum

The Postpartum period is a time of significant adjustment for the entire family. Here are some things you can do to help your family transition into this new season.

Protect her from naysayers. Again. Now that the baby is here, some people will continue to offer unsolicited advice.  Again, if this is advice that’s genuinely helpful for […]

7 Things You Can Do To Increase Mindfulness In Your Kids

In today’s day and age of screen-time and busy schedules, it can be difficult for parents and children to find time to unwind. From school to play dates and activities such as sports, dance classes, etc., it can be hard to find a moment to rest. For many years, mindfulness was used as a tool to […]

Get Out, It’s actually quite hard to go wrong.

If you’re like me you’ll be reading this with your trousers (pants) around your ankles, an imaginary Hamlet cigar on the go and a gradually fading pneumatic thud from the bathroom door. It’s not getting quieter, Your just getting better at zoning it out. I am a full time dad with a full time job. That […]


2.26 am was the moment it begun,
when my life changed for the better,
with the birth of my son.
Life changed,
I changed,
No longer worrying of moments,
nor caring for those that did not care for me,
though my eyes filled with tears,
the clarity was mine to see.
Life is still changing,
but I know for the better at last,
I know […]

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