Finding Forgiveness with The Hulk

There I was sitting criss cross applesauce on the floor of my Lowe’s Home Improvement store with my son. I realized I had just messed up the wood working project we embarked on 20 minutes earlier. Around us were kids hammering away on their projects when our project came to a quiet stop. I had made a mistake that could not be undone and I knew my son was going to be upset. Over the summer my son and I got involved with the Lowe’s Build and Grow program. This program teaches kids how to work with tools and develop new skills by completing small woodworking projects. This summer Lowe’s had the Avengers. My son and I were hooked on building them all.

“How would you like it if someone did that to you?”

How do you teach someone a skill that you haven’t mastered yourself? How do you lead someone through a journey you don’t quite know how to navigate yourself? How do you teach your sons to be forgiving when you are still learning how to forgive? This is the predicament I face as a father in trying to teach my sons how to be forgiving. With having two rambunctious boys in the house, there are plenty opportunities to teach them how to be forgiving. Someone is usually getting kicked, punched, stepped or elbowed by accident or “accident”, on a daily basis. So the lessons on how to properly apologize and how to forgive are quite frequent.


Why is it so hard to forgive? First of all we have to be wronged in order to forgive. We don’t go around pre-forgiving someone for something that has not yet happened to us. Secondly, forgiving involves our emotions. When we have been wronged there are a whole mess of emotions that flood into our lives. […]

The Hardest Part of Life is Doing It With Other People

Without a doubt, the hardest part of life is doing it with other people. The very things that make us human make it difficult for us to be human together, especially with the same people for a length of time. There is a cruelly comical irony in this fact. The hardest part of life is also […]

Be Forgiving: Because there’s all kinds of jerks out there

We all do stupid things. We’re inherently selfish beings who, at times, do things without any regard for others. We hurt people. Sometimes physically, sometimes emotionally, sometimes mentally. Basically, we’re all jerks at some point in time. Some more than others, but you get the point. Not one person reading this is ever going to say […]