Empowerment Through Healthcare Decision Making

Dads, when was the last time you scheduled a physical for yourself or took your child to their doctor appointment? If you can’t remember, or you can remember but just realized it was a long time ago, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. It has been reported that women make roughly 80% of the healthcare decisions […]

My Wife is My Hero! 9 Things to Consider While Supporting Your Spouse Fighting Cancer

Foreword: I wrote this article to help spouses supporting a spouse going through cancer treatments from diagnosis to treatment to remission. When my wife was first diagnosed with breast cancer, and throughout the process I realized there is not a lot of support for the “supporting spouse.”  Hence, I created this short article to help others […]

I have to say I’m scared. How having a new baby changes everything.

I have never been a role model for anybody.

I don’t mean I have done bad things and nobody should see me as a role model. I have just never been in the situation where someone has looked up to me for guidance or motivation.

My son, Noah, is 9 months old now. The past 9 months have been […]

Father: A Faithful Steward

Being someone who grew up in a Christian Church setting I heard the word “Stewardship” with a fair amount of regularity. Typically that word was connected with money, which is understandable because everyone needs it to accomplish their goals even congregations.

It wasn’t until I became a father that the word “stewardship” became more than money. Having children […]

The Passion Fruits of Life

When you work,

have passion for what you do,for they will see that you chose

for they will see that you chose

to pursue that which you loved.

When you see their mother,

show affection,

because that’s part of being a husband,

of being a man.


When you teach them,

show a passion for reading,

for learning, and listening.

When they love to read,

they will have experiences

beyond […]