It was his first real holiday, only a few days away for the country and western festival in Brean. He was so excited about going on holiday even though he didn’t know what a holiday was!

We told him there would be cowboys there and when I got my outfits down from the attic he couldn’t wait to put my cowboy hat on his little head and step into my obviously too big for him cowboy boots.

Then the day came when we loaded up the car and set off on our first proper family holiday. After a few hours driving we arrived with Noah loudly exclaiming “cowboy mummy, cowboy daddy” upon seeing his first real cowboy then picked up the key for the chalet (chalet house as Noah called it) and unloaded the car.

After a few hours we donned our outfits with Noah wearing cowboy jeans (with a dinosaur on the back pocket), checked shirt, neckerchief and his very own cowboy hat, he looked so cute.
As we walked into town Noah looked around in awe and excitement at the men and women dressed in authentic outfits even carrying guns!

We walked in the pub, oops saloon and the expression on my son’s face was pure amazement, looking around at all the cowboys, cowgirls, the ladies with the big dresses and not forgetting the native Americans. Then sitting down in the restaurant we had proper cowboy food, fish fingers, chips and beans of course!

The next night we went to watch mummy in her line dancing lesson. Noah couldn’t contain his excitement and had to get up and join her, kicking his feet and spinning around until it become more fun to chase his shadow. Then, eventually as the night was getting late he put my hat on my head and likewise with his on his own head and said “come on daddy time to go” I could see he was tired so leaving mummy wearing down her boots we made our way back to the chalet and as we cwtched (Welsh for cuddle) Noah with the biggest smile on his face slipped off into the land of slumber.

Can’t wait until next year.

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