In life, we face adversity and stressful situations. It is imperative that we as adults stand strong during these times. How do we teach our kids to be resilient?  First of all, as adults, we must show resilience and also show a positive attitude when our children are present. I firmly believe we must be a model for our children in all traits.

By teaching our kids to be resilient, they can learn how to handle the tough situations. We must always be optimistic, have faith that everything will be okay, be strong about it, and most importantly, have a positive outlook. By modeling this, our children will learn and imitate our behavior.

It is imperative for me to be honest with my son and share with him the fact that everything in life will not go his way. In life, he will hit some road blocks and get into some sticky situations. That’s life for you. But the most important thing I want to teach him is how he needs to handle adversity. I have to show my son who may be struggling with something to turn it around and use it as a learning opportunity. We learn from most from our struggles or unfortunate situations. The way we handle adversity determines who we are as we grow up.

Another lesson I teach my son about resilience is to trust God. Click To Tweet

Another lesson I teach my son about resilience is to trust God. I have to remind him that yes, life is not perfect, we will have problems, but we should always take our problems to God. I have faith in him that everything will work out okay and I want my son to feel the same way. If it’s problems at school, having issues with friends, or being bullied at a park, I have to teach Jeremiah to calm down and put it in God’s hands.  A prayer is also a great way to get through these situations. In the end, it will make my son and even myself a much stronger person facing whatever life throws at us.

I also teach Jeremiah to set small goals as a way to get through any problems he might have with life, school, or work. I want to help my son reach his goals and turn him into a confident individual. Being resilient is a process, and it will take time.

As Jeremiah’s father, it is my responsibility to teach my son to be resilient.  My son looks up to me, and I should always model resiliency for him. It is my passion.



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