Today we live in a world where there is a lot of hate, negativity, and so much disrespect going around.

We turn on the tv and all we see these days are people arguing, using inappropriate words, and just being disrespectful to one other. When children are born, they are not born with the trait of being respectful. Because of this, we must teach our children how to be respectful as they mature.

Right now we are living in times when kids, children, teenagers are disrespectful more than ever.  It’s just sad right now.  As a parent, I must be one hundred percent dedicated to teaching my son to be respectful.  They watch and listen intently, and as parents, we have to pay attention to what’s going on closely.  Television, music, video games and even other adults can deliver a horrible message to our kids 24 hours per day.  I’m not going to lie; we live in a very disrespectful word. [mc4wp_form id=”16061″]

I don’t know about you, but I want to make a change. We can pay a little bit more attention to what’s influencing our children and react.  I must always tell myself that Jeremiah is my son, not my side-kick or a friend, but my son.  I hope more parents will focus on the importance of teaching respect with me.  We can change this new generation in so many good ways if we just invest the time and energy.

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I just can’t ignore any situation when I see Jeremiah acting up and being disrespectful to anyone. It is imperative for me to move right away and pull him to the side, reminding him that’s not how we act, talk, or treat someone.
As his dad, I have no choice but to ensure he has some consequence when he disrespects others so he can learn.
An additional item I am teaching Jeremiah is to use the right words. For example, after playing outside, he runs into the kitchen and demands water or juice. In my mind, I have to be respectful and calm to him and calmly tell him that’s not how you ask for something. I ask Jeremiah to use the right words like “May I,” “Please,” and “Thank You.”  We always say “excuse me” when adults are talking or we are at a friend’s house.   It is so important to start with respect.

Remember, the most practical method of teaching our kids is by modeling the correct behavior and working with your children until the behavior becomes a habit.

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