This trait is not an easy one for me to teach our children: to be resilient. I believe some people just don’t have the ability to be flexible or to be able to lift themselves up when they are down. It takes something drastic to change and mold them.

Before I had children, I wasn’t resilient in any way, shape, or form. I dwelled in the past, found fault in everything and everyone, and never look critically at myself. One by one, my kids came along. I found myself in over my head. I didn’t think I would be able to manage. Then, like a miracle, I found myself adapting, learning, looking at myself, realizing my mistakes and changing into, what I hope, is a better person.

I realized that my past wasn’t to blame. It was there so I could learn and pass those lessons onto my children. Maybe, unlike me, they will listen!
God knows that I’ve had some wise people in my life. How I wish I was still in contact with them. I would thank them for trying to teach me valuable lessons and then apologize for being a little know it all.
I have learned that, regardless what the person sounds or looks like, they are always worth a listen. Many times, in all the useless talk we do as humans, there are always insights to take away.

Then I started writing what you see below.
Please understand, I am no poet, and I don’t follow a formula. I just follow my inspiration; I like to put words onto paper and let it take me where it wants. Dissect it if you want, call it what you want, but it’s from the heart and to me that’s all that counts.

This trait is not an easy one for me to teach our children: to be resilient. Click To Tweet

Be resilient my child when life comes at you with its sharpened horns, ready to ram you in the stomach and fling you over its head like a bull rampaging and fighting for its life.
Be resilient when betrayal sneaks up on you and tries to stab you in the back, to stand over you and say it was your fault.
Be resilient when you are lonely and feel like the world has abandoned you and left in you in the darkness that is life.
Be resilient when jealousy rears her ugly head and tries to debase you to its level.
You are strong my child, more than you think.
You are beautiful, regardless of what they say.
You are loved, more than you can imagine.
Don’t let them ruin who you are.
Don’t let them drag you down.
Don’t let them break your confidence.
Life will not always be easy
And I won’t always be here to protect you
I will guide you, my child
As best as I can
For I am flawed too
Through this sea
And its torrents
So that you can smile
At everything that life will
Throw at you
Swing at you
And roll under you
So you can stand tall
And look them all in the face
As they see your strength
That your resilience has made you
And caring
For anyone, that treats you the way you deserve to be.
Life is not fair, and people are worse.
So my child, remember that I have tried to be resilient too
When I have fallen and hit rock bottom,
I never gave up because I didn’t want to see you sad
I couldn’t give up because I had to see you smile
I had to go on because you are my life.
I have to be resilient because I have to remember
You are not mine to own
You will grow and move on
You will live and love without me by your side
You will make your mistakes
And I hope that you will learn and become a better person than me
A stronger person than me.
There is nothing more in this world
That I would give,
No bigger sacrifice
Than having to accept
That one day you will be out
On your own
And I hope that if there is one thing that I can show you
Or one thing I can teach you
Is how my resilience has made you into the inspirational person you are becoming.
So my child
Don’t let them drag you down
Or kick you through the mud
Be strong
Be brave
Be resilient.

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