“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.”
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Patience is truly a virtue that is needed for the upbringing of our children. Children are still unaware of other’s needs; at this stage, they only understand what they need, so a large helping of patience usually wouldn’t go a miss.

The very minute your constitution is being stretched to its limit is the very moment when you must dig in and take a deep breath because your child is watching and learning. Every action and reaction are being watched and monitored by the little one, and these moments is where they are taking unwritten notes that will shape their character in the future.

Lately, everything and everyone is interesting to my son, so I find myself often taking my time so that he has time to take in whatever marvel he has just noticed. A lot of times my schedule hits the circuflar dispensary center. Last night was one of these nights, he made a waitress I thought had a heart of ice, smile from ear to ear with his relentless interest in her. I would like to think he does this as a result of him constantly seeing me trying to help people or at least make sure they are o.k. – the kid’s skills seems to out do my own.

As far as skills development, your patience with your child will result in their having more faith in something that may be difficult to them at first. I am a believer that a lot of children give up on things too early leading their parents to be snappy and trying to rush their child ineffectively. Often their child’s learning curve doesn’t match the parent’s timetable or the child simply takes up more time than they want. At this moment, my son has wandered into my office and has requested some attention. I find myself remembering that it is best to take time and smell the roses. Being patient may save you hundreds of memories that you would regret not savoring in the future.

So remember, be patient, have fun and enjoy your little one.

Being patient may save you hundreds of memories that you would regret not savoring in the future. @JamieLeeMcfadde Click To Tweet



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