Encouragement is one of the most important elements to anyone’s development. The tool that great leaders use to set the flame ‘a blaze’ in their team and one of the best tools for any parent to use to  ensure their children are privileged enough to have all the tools they need to enjoy their life and to do well.

Encouraging Them To Be Fearless

Dave is unusual for an 8 month-year-old, he sees children doing something and he wants to try. His mom and I went round and round about him and a remote control car, but I won out and she was shocked. He laughs while blowing the horn and switching music. I have also found that his reactions to things depend on the reactions of the people around. When I toss him up in the air he laughs, but when grandma was here and gasped, he started to cry. Grandma and I had a long talk and this no longer happens. He cries for little falls if mom is near, but laughs if I am the only one in the room. Children feed off of your emotion and are really sensitive to it.

Trying New Things

You could very well be shocked by what they can do. None of our kids are the same, so we all need to experiment with each one and see where there are in development at any certain time. Dave’s grandma sat down with him, despite my wife saying he was not ready, and taught him to play catch. He laughed and did his best to get the ball back to grandma. She encouraged him on when he would accidentally release it too early and it would fly behind him. Now, we play catch once a day.

Read To Them

Any edge we can give to our child, showing them the love of reading is a great way to have them falling in love with literature their entire lives. It also gives them the fuel they need to learn things and improve skills they will need in their professional and personal lives in the future. It is also a great chance for you to bond with your child and something they will use to bond with their own.

Make Your Child as Privileged as Possible

I am not telling you to spoil your child and turn them into a little monster that demands more and more, but rather, saying we need to ignore those out there in the world who are trying to discourage us from reading to our children. Usually, I do not get political, because we all have our own opinions, but my brain melted when I see a professor writing about how it was wrong to read to your children because other parents won’t read to their own. We should feel sorry for these kids and include any child into the reading experience that we can when they have sleepovers.

Anything that we can give our child to give them a real edge in life, encouragement, manners, a moral compass, and any other skill we can muster should be given to our kids. We as parents owe our children the very best that we can give them.

Read to them. Listen to them. Be there when they need us. This is our duty to our children. We all come from different worlds and have different situations in life, but these basic things are what every last one of us can easily afford to give them.

Teach Them to Hold Their Chin High

There are going to be moments that life will give your child a good knock around and it will break your heart, but you need to show them how to push on. Brush off every setback they just had and to move forward. Teach them not to stew on downfalls, but to learn from them.

About the Author


J.L. McFadden is a Paranormal Romance author, a contributor to the writer to Terrarum.info, a Ukrainian site. He is an American expat that lives with his beautiful wife and son in Kharkiv Ukraine. http://www.jlmcfadden.com

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