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Millar runs an awesome website called "The Boss Dad Movement" is an outlet for young fathers to gather, share and educate.

Bitter Bickering and Bull$*it Fights: Stay on Your Purpose


Do you ever have fights with your baby Mumma so much that it’s almost like every interaction turns into some stupid little dispute?  No matter how you approach it, no matter how nice you are…Fight after fight after fight.  Since when did you become this person?  Since when did the relationship even get to this point? […]

The Early Warning Signs of a Bad Relationship

Your Lordship,

Have you ever been in a relationship where it didn’t work out and thought…

‘I don’t know how it lasted that long.’
‘I knew it wasn’t going to work.’

Maybe you both grew into different people. Maybe there was a sudden change in personality or maybe one person was stuck in the past. Whatever it was, there were […]