About Shannon Easterling

Hello, my name is Shannon Easterling from Jacksonville, FL. I am the father of my wonderful 5-year-old son Jeremiah. I’m just your every day Dad; a hard worker and a man of God. I want to be a voice and an inspiration to the other dads out there that want to be a hero to their kids like myself. My goal is to be the best father that I can be and I want to be able to help others achieve the same thing.

To be successful, our kids have to be great at making decisions.

Children these days, around the age of five or six years old, face plenty of choices in their young lives. Choices like picking out a toy at the store or choosing what food to eat for dinner. They don’t think long on what they want, taking no time to make simple decisions. Because their parents are […]

Be Strong My Son: One Father’s Take On His Role As Teacher

In life, we face adversity and stressful situations. It is imperative that we as adults stand strong during these times. How do we teach our kids to be resilient? First of all, as adults, we must show resilience and also show a positive attitude when our children are present. I firmly believe we must be a model for our children in all traits.

Be Persistent, It Is My Favorite Lesson For My Son

In life, a great trait to have, no matter what age you are, is being persistant.

So what is the meaning of being persistent? To me, being persistent is aiming for a goal in life and never giving up. When you want something in life, you won’t let any obstacle stop you from obtaining that. My son […]

Are you going crazy? The importance of taking some time.

As parents, we would love to have quiet, peaceful time. As soon as we sit down to get some peace and quiet, Bam! Reality strikes. We hear screaming, yelling, crying, and the constant asking of questions. It’s at the point where we want to scream ourselves! At the same time, we have a wide-eyed, smiling child […]

I want to TALK! Can we just have a conversation?

These days, technology or electronics are definitely taking over people’s lives! Cell phones, IPods, Televisions, Video Games, etc. all consume large portions of our time. Now, communicating and simple conversations among the family is somewhat a lost cause for our generation and future generations.

We are at a point in time when families sit down at the […]

There will be great, positive vibes, more happiness and less hate going around.

Key Takeaways

  • We are responsible for making healing our nations
  • What do you want to leave your kids?
  • Being compassionate means caring for not only each other, but the world we live in.
  • If we are more compassionate, “There will be great positive vibes, more happiness and less hate going around.”

One of the best traits […]

Authenticity, the biggest thing I can teach my son.

As our children grow up and start school and start making friends, the pressure to fit in with the other kids is intense. This is the beginning stage of our kids “finding themselves.”  It is also the time when they start comparing who they are with the others around them. As parents, we have to teach […]

I will continue to lead and guide my child on the right path of life. It’s my job.

First off, what is the definition of accountability? To me, it means being responsible and taking responsibility for my own actions.  How do I teach this to my young son as he grows up?

As our children grow up, they are going to have to make more and more choices and decisions in their young lives. Teaching my five-year-old […]