About Sarah Hannan

Sarah Richards is thirty-four years old, and lives in Pensacola, Florida, with her husband and three-year-old daughter. Sarah (under the surname Hannan) is a member of the local writers’ group, WriteOn! Pensacola, and writes on an as-needed, volunteer basis for the Gulf Coast Kid’s House. Sarah won “Honorable Mention” in the Saturday Evening Post’s “Great American Short Story Contest”, and was published in the 2016 anthology. Sarah is currently a student of Pensacola State College, pursuing her dream of working in a cold hospital rather than a hot kitchen. You can follow Sarah and her work at @SarahLeaSales on Twitter.

The Abundant Life, in Theory  

 “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” – Stephen Hawking
Be well physically,
by challenging your body’s abilities,
heightening quality longevity and lowering disease probability.
Be well psychologically,
balancing levity with gravity,
and knowing that negativity rarely breeds positivity.
Be well emotionally,
for life’s not just about productivity,
but also family and friends and just-for-fun activities.
Be well intellectually,
nurturing creativity
and embracing life’s changeability.
Be well […]

A Golden Compass

Let compassion be your compass,

even as it was the passion of the Christ.

When you put yourself in someone else’s shoes,

you will live not one life,

but many;

as we become reincarnated in ourselves,

not just with defining moments,

but redefining ones.

For it’s when we lose ourselves in the service of others

that we often find ourselves,

and smile at the discovery.


Our Selves

We were created,

not without form or void,

but fearfully and wonderfully made.

When two of our worlds cross paths—

be they church or work,

work or home—

the inhabitants of each should recognize us

as being the person they know.

Be the genuine article that comes

with a certificate of authenticity.

Counterfeiters will be returned.

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The Passion Fruits of Life

When you work,

have passion for what you do,for they will see that you chose

for they will see that you chose

to pursue that which you loved.

When you see their mother,

show affection,

because that’s part of being a husband,

of being a man.


When you teach them,

show a passion for reading,

for learning, and listening.

When they love to read,

they will have experiences

beyond […]