About Ricky Dragoni

Ricky Dragoni is the author of “Prime Infinity” and “Ripples” published by Sarah Book Publishing. I am originally from Puerto Rico but have spent half of my life in Iowa. My true passions are writing and cooking. My favorite authors include Edgar Allan Poe and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. From an early age I started writing poetry and short stories. My books are born out of the nightmares of my mind then melded with my life experiences. I would describe my books as reality sprinkled with a good magical dose of faerie dust. I hope my books can be entertaining but also thought provoking. You can follow Ricky Dragoni on Twitter.

How to keep your shoes in the house. A Simple Lesson on Respect

I remember my mom grabbing my $100 pair of tennis shoes I had bought with my money, opening the front door and slinging them out onto the front lawn and sidewalk. I thought mom was bluffing until the moment when the shoes left her hand and slowly twirled in the air. She turned and closed the […]

If you make a mistake, fix it. A dad’s message to his boys.

We often confuse being responsible for something with being accountable for it. It is easy to say, “I am sorry”, and thinking things get fixed, but unfortunately that is not how life works. Well it can work that way, but you will leave a long list of people who you have hurt along the way. It […]

“How would you like it if someone did that to you?”

How do you teach someone a skill that you haven’t mastered yourself? How do you lead someone through a journey you don’t quite know how to navigate yourself? How do you teach your sons to be forgiving when you are still learning how to forgive? This is the predicament I face as a father in trying to teach my sons how to be forgiving. With having two rambunctious boys in the house, there are plenty opportunities to teach them how to be forgiving. Someone is usually getting kicked, punched, stepped or elbowed by accident or “accident”, on a daily basis. So the lessons on how to properly apologize and how to forgive are quite frequent.

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