About Nick DeVries

Nick (Fat Dad Slim Dad) lives in NJ with his wife and 3.5-year-old twins. Since becoming a father, he has become very active in the child development community, including attending seminars, taken courses, and mentoring other dads focusing on cooperative/empowering strategies for their kids. In an effort to expand his knowledge to anyone who is interested in learning more empowering parenting strategies, he created an online persona called Fat Dad Slim Dad. Fat Dad Slim Dad is a social persona, inviting others who are interested in empowering parenting strategies to come and learn, try something new, and interact with other parents. Videos review techniques for parents, some focusing on dissecting a child’s behavior, some focusing on parents themselves, but all are applicable for parents of any age. Blending his own style of humor with real-world examples of strategies in action using his kids, his main goal is to spread the love to all parents out there while continuing to learn and at the end of the day, have all of us be the best parents we can be.