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Craig Titchener is a whiskey-loving mechanic/poet living in Garndiffaith, South Wales. He can often be found walking his dog in the beautiful Welsh countryside. He owns many watches and almost as many empty bottles of whiskey. Find him on Twitter @craigtitchener. Craig has graciously accepted the role as GetConnectDAD’s Poet Laureate.

Be passionate


It’s something you can never expect nor come close to imagine,
Yet in the first moments of fatherhood nothing comes close to the passion.
It’s a love you can never measure becomes it knows no end,
It knows no bounds yet at times it may seem hard to comprehend.
It don’t get any easier but it sure […]

Empower Him

I know my words,
For now he’ll listen to.
My actions,
He’ll try to mimic.
Yet in the morrows,
I hope he’ll take my words in,
Heed my morsel of wisdom.
And only empower him.

I hope my weaknesses,
My many mistakes,
He’ll never go through,
But learn from,
to be all that i wasn’t,
to be strong of all i was afraid of,
And only empower him.

I […]


2.26 am was the moment it begun,
when my life changed for the better,
with the birth of my son.
Life changed,
I changed,
No longer worrying of moments,
nor caring for those that did not care for me,
though my eyes filled with tears,
the clarity was mine to see.
Life is still changing,
but I know for the better at last,
I know […]


Fathers, be empathetic–
labor pains are
inconceivably excruciating,
but mothers,
understand that just
as a father cannot put
himself in your body,
you cannot put yourself
in his shoes.
Know that his view
is incredible.

About the Author

imageSarah Richards is thirty-four years old, and lives in Pensacola, Florida, with her husband and three-year-old daughter.

Sarah (under the […]

Poem: Be Adventurous!

In time to come,
I’ll sit down, Say to my son,
Be adventurous!
Don’t let anything hold you back.
Be adventurous!
Even if it means making your own track.
Be adventurous!
Even if it means people stop and stare.
Be adventurous!
Stand out in the crowd with spiky blue hair.
Be adventurous!
To yourself and loved ones you only need to be true.
Be adventurous!
But most of […]

Poem: The Centre of Your Soul

Faint lines on a pregnancy test,
To a scan photo,
Then a small bump,
Into a late night arrival.
It’s a quick birth,
Or for some a fight for survival.
However they come into our lives,
We’re instantly
Unconditionally infected.
And from that moment on,
There’s a bond,
Deep within,
Beneath bone,
under the skin.
Feeling inside the heart,
The centre of your soul.
As we get connectDAD.

About the Poet

Craig Titchener […]

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