About Jonathan Dodi

I am a young dad in my early twenties. My wife Michaela and I have been married for almost five years, and had our long-awaited firstborn son, Lyric Joel, in March of 2016. We are currently learning the joyfully complex ropes of parenting, and loving every second of it. I am a Christian and I hope to point my son to Jesus, both through my words and my parenting decisions. I am currently a full-time student and prospective educator and will begin teaching mathematics on the secondary level within the year. I also work part-time as a math tutor and in construction.

The business of parenthood is a continual exercise in faith.

In order to discuss faithfulness with any degree of meaning, we must begin with a definition of the term. The meaning (or meanings!) we ascribe to the word “faithful” will determine the way we talk and think about it, and consequently, the way we model it for our children. We’ll talk about what it means to […]

The Hardest Part of Life is Doing It With Other People

Without a doubt, the hardest part of life is doing it with other people. The very things that make us human make it difficult for us to be human together, especially with the same people for a length of time. There is a cruelly comical irony in this fact. The hardest part of life is also […]