About Jed Mullenix

I have the joyful privilege of loving and leading five kids. I learned a long time ago that my children don’t need a perfect dad, but a real dad. While being a father is without a doubt the single greatest challenge I’ve ever encountered, it also the single greatest opportunity I’ve been given to make a lasting impact with my life. While the journey of parenting is peppered with ups and downs, Beth and I embrace the journey wholeheartedly, receiving every moment as a gift while we dream of the day that our two boys and three girls grow up to be world-changers.

We Are Adventurous

A personal mentor and father of five once said to me, “Jed, if there is one thing I wish I would have done differently in raising my five children, it is…” I had called Dave after several months of suitruggling internally with my own glaring imperfections and inconsistencies as a father, hoping that he would offer me some nugget of insight or encouragement that would give me the endurance to keep running forward in this ultra-marathon of life we call parenthood. Before I share how Dave finished his sentence, put yourself in the shoes of an empty-nest father and grandfather in his late sixties now looking back over the long, joyful, and sometimes painstaking road of rearing five children to maturity before sending them out into the world.