About Alex Fihema

Alex Fihema is a London bus driver with five beautiful girls with a degree in creative and media writing. Writing is his therapy and passion.

‘Welcome to the team’ An incredible story about determination.

In the words of Uncle Ben (Spider-Man’s uncle for anyone who doesn’t follow the comic book world) ‘with great power comes great responsibility.’

In my words ‘with great determination comes great results’.

Dear readers, my working career hasn’t been the greatest, I was stuck in one job for eleven years with promises of promotion if I did this […]

Be Positive: How do we keep our kids protected?

Everything we do requires patience in one form or other.

From childhood, we are taught to be patient.

Child: I’m hungry

Parent: Food is coming, be patient.

Child: I want to be a grown up

Parent: Be patient, you are a child once and once only.

We didn’t listen to our parents, what makes us think that our kids will listen to […]

That’s bloody ingenious. How to Instill Ingenuity In Your Children

I recently watched a television program about castles in the UK and it started with Dover, a majestic place that started out as a Roman lighthouse to guide and merchant ship to shore. The main fort was built by William the Conqueror as a defense against any invading army to protect the shores, then beautified and fortified […]

I always thought patience was one of my greatest virtues.

When I took on this blogging venture about my life with so many children, I knew it was going to make me think about how I am as a parent and maybe reevaluate certain aspects of myself, change some expectations and address certain issues that I might have thought were not much of a problem for […]

We are all in too much of a hurry, slow down, be compassionate

Treat others as you want to be treated was the first lesson taught to me by my father and it’s what I’m trying to teach my kids. It does however contradict the other lesson of respect is earned and not just given ‘only show respect to people who show you respect’.

Then […]