I believe not just keeping an eye on our children is enough. We have to be mindful of who they are; we all have a core to our that needs to be guided but will always be the original programming. We all have a uniqueness that sometimes is hard for parents or siblings to understand. Too many times you hear someone say things like when I was your age I was into or did this or even worse, they compare siblings to each other.
None of us are designed to be the same. We all have something unique and too many times someone’s inner fire gets doused out by someone else’s idea of what that child should be.

I am not speaking of moral right and wrong, but rather, some people are meant to be more artistic, more of a leader, more intellectual and others are not.
I have seen fathers who want their child to be the footballer they failed to be or the footballer that they once were so badly; they don’t even think about the child’s feelings, but rather, their desires.

There are other things we need to be mindful of:

  • Who your kids are hanging out with
  • What are they and their friends into
  • If any of their friends or themselves are having issues.
  • If your child has an insecurity that they are trying to cover up

I feel we do not pay enough attention to these things. Today, we are all overwhelmed with information from media sources, work, social media scandals, some people are more drawn into their gamer profile to notice some things about their children.

Let’s be honest; we all know a person that their social media or games takes a front seat over their family.  It is sad to see and almost impossible to get this person to admit it, let alone get them to correct it.

I struggle with getting everything finished and allocating enough time to my son. Click To Tweet

I struggle with getting everything finished and allocating enough time to my son. Writing articles, working on the books, taking my University course, and working my day job keep me busy. I tend to focus on the first three activities during my lunch break or wake up two hours early to get things done that I couldn’t finish during lunch.

Last week was very challenging. Between the release of my new site, dealing with new clients at work, trying to juggle some personal things and was tough, all while my son wants to play.  Dave gets upset if dad is texting on the phone or sending a message on Skype; rightfully so.


This week, I caught myself a few times preoccupied and not being mindful enough of my son and his needs. I addressed it and simply had to adjust my work a bit.
Being there in person is not the same as being their altogether. We are all guilty of phoning it in. We need to focus clearly on being mindful.

Remember to have fun and enjoy your children.

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