We forgive you, our Hannah Banana Beth,

for breaking down our dishes to an odd number,

and for putting random things into our drinking glasses

when we aren’t looking;

for leaving teeth marks in our tables,

and using our furniture as a chew toy;

for the nests you build with bits of trash,

like our little baby bird;

for upending everything alrighted,

and for digging in the trash like a hoboken;

for handprints on the glass and jelly on the curtains,

and making our vacuum threaten to go on strike;

for peeing in the pool,

pooping in the bath,

and the boogies we don’t even know about;

for turning 90-minute movies into three-hour epics,

and for hiding our remote and switching the TV to Spanish;

for the many games of 52-Block Pick-Up,

and for making the words of “Wheels on the Bus”

keep going round and round and round in my head;

for making Mr. Potato Head deaf, dumb, and mute,

and paralyzing the once crawling Minnie Mouse;

for leaving Legos like landmines for me

to step on in the middle of the night;

we forgive you for having to rush up and down all day long

before you put something in your mouth;

for making my blood pressure go up and my face get red,

when you pull something out of a store display,

and get so scared, you can’t stop crying;

we forgive you for not always being cute on cue;

for making your mom go into hiding

when she wants some dark chocolate,

for making her forget to buy herself something nice

because she saw something cute you might like;

for the house not always being cleaned perfectly,

because she loves you perfectly;

for making us worry about you every single day,

because we once were as you are now,

and we know now, more than ever,

just how much our parents loved us.


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