Most people in this world want to live a healthy lifestyle.  We want to eat better, stay in shape, and simply just stay active.  There is no better time to start healthy living than by teaching your kids how to be healthy.  As with everything, it is imperative we teach our kids when they are young to help them develop this as a habit for their entire life.

Living a healthy life is extremely important to me.  I want to do everything I can to stay healthy and live a great life so I can be around for my son Jeremiah.  I want to see him live this same healthy lifestyle I have shown him.

Kids learn so much better at a younger age.  I’m determined to be a big influence for Jeremiah, my son, by simply being active.  Here are some great pointers that I use with Jeremiah:

  • First thing, as a parent you have to have a good meal plan set up.  More importantly, sit down as a family, even if it’s a father and son dinner. Share a table with your child and enjoy a great healthy meal together.
  • Secondly, just get outside and be involved in certain activities with your kids. Turn off the televisions, cell phones, computers, etc. and just get outside. We love to get out on hiking trails and explore and spend time at the beach.
  • A healthy lifestyle is an active lifestyle.  Jeremiah and I are always out in the yard playing baseball, soccer, or basketball.
  • Help your kid(s) stay motivated by being positive with your child. Always show encouragement and cheer for them.
  • Surround your child with positive and healthy people.  I always have my son in places like Church.  I work hard to keep him involved in school activities and other programs at the local gym.
Living a healthy lifestyle is not always about eating healthy and being at the gym. @Jvillesfinest Click To Tweet

Living a healthy lifestyle is not always about eating healthy and being at the gym. It includes making great choices in life, being positive, and staying motivated.

I will lead by example for Jeremiah and continue let my actions speak louder than my words.

Remember, our children are always watching and paying attention even when we don’t notice.

Proverbs 22:6  Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

What is GetConnectDAD?

@GetConnectDAD is an international project focused on One goal:  More ConnectDAD families.   We are 150 writers from around the world, focused on 52 Traits we want in our children.

The GetConnectDAD team would like to challenge every parent to:

  • Devote 1 Extra Hour of Time each week to your kids (uninterrupted)
  • Read 1 story or have 1 story read to you by your child this week 
  • Take 1 Walk outside with your partner and kids
  • Take 1 moment to say “I love you” to your kids
  • Hug your kid(s) 1 time this week