Before deciding to have a baby, many couples decide to adopt a dog first. They do this for a reason – dogs can very well prepare you for fatherhood and make you a better parent one day. If you’re wondering how a dog could help, think about it for a while and read on.

Love and Attention

In order for the dog to feel comfortable at home, it needs your love and attention. Maybe this sounds familiar, but when you’re not paying attention to your dog, they will find a way to get it. This is usually done by ripping up of the clothes, shoes, furniture etc. However, the baby will not ruin your stuff, but it needs the same attention in order to feel loved and secure. Children might pull of some crazy stunts, but if you get your practice with the dogs, it will be easier to keep the kids entertained. Also, upbringing of both the dog and a baby is tough and it will include minor punishments. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to hug and cuddle your dog in order to show your love, even though it can sometimes be a tough one.

Making the House Safe

Just like you have to baby proof the house, you will have to dog proof it as well. When the dog is introduced into a new environment the first instinct is to roam through everything. The babies do the same once they start crawling and walking, so dog proofing the home is basically the same thing as baby proofing. You have to hide all the chemicals on top shelves, keep the doors of certain rooms closed, remove all the sharp objects out of the reach etc. You are basically creating the safe environment which makes a good practice for when the baby comes.


It’s an obligation to teach your dog (kids) what is right and what is wrong. Just like a baby, a dog doesn’t know if what he does is good or bad. That is why you have to help him understand it. Once again, a bit of the tough love comes in handy, but don’t forget to introduce rewards and kind words when it does something right. Additionally, you will have to teach the dog (just like with kids) to act around people and which actions are acceptable and which are not.

Care-Taking Responsibilities

Having a dog is a good practice for creating a routine. A dog has to be fed, given water, taken for walks etc. This has to be done on a daily basis, which will help you be an excellent father when the baby comes. Additionally, the dogs too need potty training and practice makes perfect. Once you manage to train your dog, raising a child will be a piece of cake. Also, having a dog will really teach you how to clean up various messes and once you have a baby, cleaning up won’t feel like a terrible work.

Health Reasons

A dog in the house is a good preparation for the baby. Not just because of routines and care, but a dog will create a healthy environment for your child. There are various studies that have shown that a dog in the baby’s presence leads to less allergies. So, if you have a baby on the way, make sure your dog is present all the time. You will make one big, happy and healthy family.

Believe or not, raising a dog and a baby has many more similarities, from hiring a babysitter to buying toys and teaching them how to act. Having a dog can be a full-time responsibility, just like with the baby, but it certainly makes great practice for your fatherhood.

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