Confidence. It seems that the more people I talk to, the underlying issue to a lot of their problems is lack of confidence. I have personally struggled greatly from a lack of confidence in one way or another, and it has greatly affected the way I did things in my life. My insecurities have caused me to make many bad decisions in my life, as I’m sure many of you have as well. Rejection, our appearance, our social status, our finances, all these things and more can affect our level of confidence. Below I have listed the five of the things that can completely ruin a man’s confidence.


Viewing Defeat as Complete Failure.
I have read and watched many interviews where millionaire entrepreneurs talk about how they got it to where they are today. The one thing I realized is that they talked more about the times they failed then they did their success. The times they nearly lost everything, but didn’t let failure stop them from reaching their aspirations

Many people lose confidence when they fail. They see failure as a sign that they somehow aren’t smart enough to succeed and decide to quit instead of trying again. Failure doesn’t have to be final. Failing at something does not make you a failure. Failing is a learning experience which teaches you how to do things differently the next time. If you failed an exam, learn how to develop better study habits. If you failed at starting a business, take the lessons you learned from that failure and try again.

I saw an interview with Elon Musk, the founder of Telsa and SpaceX. He was asked if he would ever give up on space travel after his third failed rocket launch in a row. His response was “Never, I’ll never give up. I’d have to be totally incapacitated before giving up.” Failure isn’t final until you quit. Do you have a mindset of success or failure? Have confidence in yourself and your abilities and never give up.

I once heard someone say that it takes 10 years to become an overnight success. You have to work hard to achieve success, it doesn’t just happen. You will fail at things in life, we all do. But you need to decide if you will develop the mindset that failing doesn’t equate to complete failure or be the person that quit at the slightest sign of adversity. Your level of success will never exceed your level of personal development. You have to develop a mindset of success. Be confident in yourself and achieve your dreams.

Having a Self-Defeating attitude.

We have all had those people in our lives that make us feel like crap. I can tell you many times where I have been told things like “You are so stupid!”, “Did you leave your brain at the door?”, and “You are setting yourself up for failure”. For years I let these hurtful words ring in mind. What’s worse is that I believed them, and it totally ruined my confidence for years.

When I became a full time single dad, I worked a job making little money and the three of us lived in a one bedroom apartment. I was desperate for change, desperate for a better life for myself and my sons. I often stayed up at night wondering how I got to this point in my life. “I am a failure, I’m poor and I’m stupid. I couldn’t keep my marriage together, I work a crap job, live in a crappy apartment and I will never escape. “I had a very self-defeating attitude and my confidence was at an all-time low.

How many of you have had similar thoughts. How many of you are letting the words of others affect your life? One day I decided that I wouldn’t let the words of others affect my life. By doing so is giving people who aren’t even thinking about me, power over me. How completely ridiculous is that?! I vowed that I would never let what another person thought of me affect my self-confidence. I would never give anyone that type of control over my life.

I also decided that I would view myself differently. I switched my habits and instead of seeing myself as a failure, I envisioned myself as a success story in the making. I was a single dad, and I was doing more than many men that claimed to be fathers were. I was raising my children with morals and respect. I refused to let my current situation dictate my future.

I found a great church which helped me to become spiritually grounded. I had found a new identity in Christ, I gained many new friends, I read self-help books, listen to motivational podcast, and went back to school to earn my degree. I invested in my mind, body and spirit. My confident rebounded.

  • We can often be our own worse critic, thus becoming our own worst enemy. I’ve learned that I had to get out of my own way and change the way I thought about myself. I am thankful I went through that time of struggle in my life because it has made me a stronger. I know what it’s like to be on the bottom and have to struggle as a single parent raising two children and praying daily for a change to happen. That experience made me a much stronger person mentally, and spiritually. I’ve learned more about myself every single day, and I love the person I am and what I am becoming. I’ve made it through many trials and with the grace of God I’ll make it through many more. My attitude is not one of defeat, but one of victory and thanks.

Heartbreak and Rejection.
Heartache. I know what it’s like to be dumped and yeah it sucks. I also know what it’s like to be the dumper, and yeah, it sucks (Well, not always, sometimes it’s awesome depending on the person, but I digress). I have been in my share of bad relationships and yes had plenty bad break ups. For a long time I let my relationship status determine my degree of happiness. I would jump into relationship after relationship just because I hated being single. When these relationships went south, as they often did, I would go into a funk until someone else came along. I was looking for someone else to fulfill what I felt I was missing in my life. I didn’t know that I didn’t have to let my relationship status dictate my happiness.

How many of you have ever done this? You jump from relationship after relationship because the thought of being alone is unthinkable. For some it isn’t jumping in and out of relationships, that’s not the issue. Rather, it’s trying to enter one that’s the issue. You are rejected over and over and it has completely killed your self-esteem.

While there are many reasons why a woman may not like you (Your style, hygiene, you may be a jerk, I don’t know, that’s another article.) What I can tell you, however, is that insecurity and lack of confidence is like arsenic and hemlock to women. Also, as I stated before, why would I, or you, put your happiness in the hands of someone else? Don’t let rejection or a bad break up, totally ruin your confidence. If a girl doesn’t like you, guess what? There are others out there. Don’t believe me? Here are some numbers.

The current world population is 7.9 billion.
The current U.S. population is 319 million.
9% of the U.S. Population are women, roughly 160 million.
Women between the ages 18-34 make up roughly 23%, and women between the ages of 35-64 make up roughly 39% of that 160 million.
My point is this, there are millions of women in the country, and you are losing your mind over one? I did it and I get it. But trust me, there are more fish in the sea. Move on please.

That next person could be right around the corner, but you are too stuck on what’s her name to even notice. While you are sitting around having a pity they are doing their thing and probably not doing it alone. So stop giving control of your life to people who don’t matter. You are a great person, you are unique, and you deserve to be happy. Be confident in yourself.

You Don’t Like The Man In The Mirror.
I am nowhere near NBA player height requirements. In fact, most pictures I take with other guys, I’m normally the shortest being 5’8”. I had a girlfriend once that like to make fun of my height by calling me a “midget.” In high school, I hated my wide nose my eyes because ONE kid talked about it. Yes, the things that ONE insignificant punk once said. Let that sink in for a minute and think about the things someone said about your appearance that still make you insecure. Things changed for me when I changed my attitude.

For me this changed when I started working at Structure, a men’s clothing store at the mall (Now called Men’s Express). Caring about your appearance was part of the job, since they preferred that you wore their brand while working there. I had to maintain a neat appearance, but unknowingly, it helped grow my confidence. I was getting clothes dirt cheap because of my discount, and I took pride in the fact that I dressed comfortably. However, I dressed differently than anyone else I knew. This made me stand out in a good way. I was confident enough to dress well, and at the same time, not follow the crowd. (Remember what I said about confidence) Ok, so what are the things you can change?

*Get in better shape.

I know that I can’t magically make myself taller. Nor do I want to be because I’m okay with my stature. What’s more important to me, is being fit. When you work out on a regular basis, you not only feel better, but you look better. Being fit also increases your confidence. I work out 3 days a week and do a light workout every morning, which is a great way to start my day. I would highly recommend joining a gym since it’s relatively cheap. (I pay $10 a month for Planet Fitness) If you can’t get to or afford a gym, find YouTube videos on working out at home and start there. Do simple things like walk more, take the stairs, manage your diet, whatever it takes to become healthier.

*Change the way you dress.

I’m on a budget and have two boys to feed. That being said I don’t spend a lot on clothes. H&M, TJ Maxx, Adidas Outlet, all my favorites and I make it look respectable. I’m not saying you have to dress to impress, but you don’t have to look like Napoleon Dynamite either. I like to shop at places like H&M where I can get a $12 Henley. And trust me, I can make that $12 Henley look darn good. (So I’ve been told)

I once walked to a Subway restaurant I frequented wearing one of those $12 Henley shirts, a $24 pair of chinos, and a pair of Timberland boots I got on clearance for $45. The lady behind the sub counter said “I love that outfit. You wear it well.”

One day while working at a school I decided to wear a slim fit button down black shirt I had bought the day before with jeans. One of the teachers jokingly said “Wow, are you trying to find a wife because you are looking good!” I bought that shirt for $6 at the Goodwill.

Do you guys see what I mean now? You don’t have to break the bank to look good. I have no problem getting dates and I don’t have to buy out Macys to do it. It’s all about doing a little research on HOW you should wear something as well as what. Why would I need to wear $200 pair of jeans and a pair of $300 pair of shoes? It’s just not me, and it hasn’t cramped my style in the slightest.

*Change your grooming habits.

Guys, it’s time to get real about grooming ok. Just as it doesn’t cost a lot to dress well, it doesn’t cost a lot to be well groomed. Once again, it’s about educating yourself on the options and just doing something about it.

I know some guys are bald and have that whole George Castanza / George Jefferson look? Shave it off, get some Rogaine or a hair transplant. It’s just not a good look. Don’t like your hair, change it. Still don’t like, it grows back (unless you’re bald) If your skin is dry, put on some lotion. If you stink, take a shower, buy deodorant and wear cologne (1 or 2 squirts is enough, don’t overdo it!). If your teeth are yellow, go to the dentist and brush them a couple times daily. I tell my boys all the time that there is no excuse to leave the house smelling bad and looking worse. Clean body, clean clothes. It really comes down to how much you care. If you don’t know you smell bad, eventually someone else will tell you which will kill your confidence. Why let that happen to you?

Financial Frustrations
This one is huge for me. Always wanting more, but always coming up short financially. Not owning the nice home, not driving the newer car, not being able to travel, financial frustrations more than anything else ruined my confidence. This was especially true when I would compare myself to others in my age group that seemed to have a greater measure of financial success.

I few years ago I dated a woman that liked to go out and do things. Well, I wasn’t in the position to always go spending money out on the town. We eventually went our separate ways, but it left me feeling like a failure. Not because we broke up, but because it seemed like my financial status had somehow let me down again. I hated myself, hated my job, and hated my life. I felt inferior all because I didn’t have the financial means to do things I wanted to do for myself and my boys. I felt that my finances were the last barrier to achieving full happiness.

I now know that this isn’t true. I know that money cannot buy happiness. I find my happiness in seeing my boys grow up to be respectful young men. I find my happiness in seeing them laugh, seeing them succeed, and being a father. I find my happiness in Christ, knowing that my financial status, relationship status, or anything else and brings me the joy I have when I truly follow him. I can’t find happiness in materialism.

Now am I saying I don’t like nice things? Absolutely not. Am I saying I don’t want to own a home, have a newer car, or take that vacation? No, no, not at all. What I am saying is that not having these things no longer has an effect on who I am as a person. I am fully confident in who I am.

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