The silence of the night broken,
by my son’s cries.
I’m still half asleep,
yet wide awake,
hoping this moment is a dreamt nightmare.

In my bare essentials I run to his room,
where he sits,
surrounded by his vomit.
“Noah noo sick”
He says as I strip him off,
Lifting him up,
within my shaking hands.

His vomit is everywhere,
even on me,
and as I hold him close,
His tears run down my cheek.
I feel my own tears rest on my eyelids,
yet my heartbeats slowly find more distance.

We lay together,
side by side in the big bed.
I put my arm around him,
if only to comfort myself.
Yet I’m unwilling to fall asleep.
Then within a moment he sits up,
demanding to go downstairs,
and play with his toys.

The silence of the night broken, by my son's cries. @craigtitchener Click To Tweet

Moments like this I fail to understand, i guess kids are far more resilient than new parents realize.

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